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Re: Subscribing Apple people to git-security@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

On Mon, Jul 02, 2018 at 01:15:19PM -0700, Jeremy Huddleston Sequoia wrote:

> > I hope that maybe they're also interested in reducing the overall
> > diff between upstream Git and what ships with XCode. Last time I
> > looked (which was admittedly a while ago), a lot of the changes
> > seemed like things that could probably be considered upstream.
> I'm very very interested in having reduced differences between what we
> ship in Xcode and what is upstream.  I've been maintaining a repo with
> our patches that I rebase as we move forward, in the hope that these
> changes might be useful to others and a derivative of them might
> eventually be accepted upstream.  See
> https://github.com/jeremyhu/git/commits/master for the current set of
> changes that are in our shipping git (currently on top of 2.17.1).

Thanks for sharing. Skimming over it, I see:

 - several of the changes look related to run-time relocation. There was
   a series that shipped in v2.18.0 related to this, so that may reduce
   your diff once you rebase.

 - The xcode_gitattributes() bits aren't likely to go upstream as-is.
   But possibly these could ship as a default $sysconfdir/gitattributes?

 - the rest look like assorted little fixes that probably could go