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Re: Subscribing Apple people to git-security@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

On Mon, Jul 02, 2018 at 09:29:41PM +0200, Christian Couder wrote:

> When people complained a month ago about the MacOS package on
> https://git-scm.com/ not being up-to-date after the Git security
> release, I got in touch with Apple people GitLab has been working with
> to see if they could help on this.

Unfortunately I don't think this will quite solve the issue we had, just
because people get their copy of Git in various ways. So Homebrew
updated pretty promptly, but people going to git-scm.com to find a
binary package were left without help. Likewise, this will help people
getting Git as part of XCode, but not people gettin the package from

All that said, I'm happy to get as many binary packagers into the loop
as early as possible. It can only help, even if it doesn't solve all
problems. :)

> Please add these addresses to the git-security mailing list:
>     jeremyhu@xxxxxxxxx
>     akilsrin@xxxxxxxxx
>     dt-epm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


> Please add these GitHub accounts to the cabal repo:
>     jeremyhu


>     productsecurityOSSapple

I couldn't find that account. Is it maybe a team name within the apple
org or something?

> I am also personally very happy with the Apple developers' willingness
> to get involved and help.

Yes, welcome aboard!

I hope that maybe they're also interested in reducing the overall diff
between upstream Git and what ships with XCode. Last time I looked
(which was admittedly a while ago), a lot of the changes seemed like
things that could probably be considered upstream.