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Subscribing Apple people to git-security@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi Peff (and Jonathan),

When people complained a month ago about the MacOS package on
https://git-scm.com/ not being up-to-date after the Git security
release, I got in touch with Apple people GitLab has been working with
to see if they could help on this.

As the urgent issue was resolved when Tim Harper eventually generated
a new MacOS package, it took some time, but now the Apple persons in
CC are asking for the following:

Please add these addresses to the git-security mailing list:

Please add these GitHub accounts to the cabal repo:

I think it could significantly improve things, even if Tim Harper
continues to prepare the MacOS package published on
https://git-scm.com/, as Apple people also release their own Git
versions at least along with XCode.

I am also personally very happy with the Apple developers' willingness
to get involved and help.

Thanks in advance,