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Unexpected behavior with :/<text> references


I'm experiencing strange behavior with :/<text> references, which seems
to be inconsistent with the explanation in the docs on two counts.
First, sometimes the matched commit is not the youngest. Second, some
commits cannot be found at all, even if they are reachable from HEAD.

Here is a script to reproduce the behavior (Git built from current pu):

    export GIT_ATTR_NOSYSTEM=1
    cd "$(mktemp -d --suffix .gitrepro)"

    git --version
    git init

    git commit -q --allow-empty -m initial
    git commit -q --allow-empty -m foo
    git checkout -q -b early-branch
    git commit -q --allow-empty -m foobar
    git checkout -q --detach
    git commit -q --allow-empty -m foobarbaz

    echo "The following should all print 'foobarbaz':"
    git show --format=%s ':/foo' --
    git show --format=%s ':/foobar' --
    git show --format=%s ':/foobarbaz' --

    echo "With an explicit branch:"
    git branch late-branch
    git show --format=%s ':/foo' --
    git show --format=%s ':/foobar' --
    git show --format=%s ':/foobarbaz' --

Here is the output on my machine:

    git version
    Initialized empty Git repository in /tmp/tmp.WeCD0QZPIf.gitrepro/.git/

    The following should all print 'foobarbaz':
    fatal: bad revision ':/foobarbaz'

    With an explicit branch:

First, the commit with message "foobar" clearly matches the regular
expression /foo/ as well as /foobar/, but ":/foo" resolves to an older
commit. However, Documentation/revisions.txt indicates that a :/<text>
reference should resolve to the _youngest_ matching commit.

Second, the commit with message "foobarbaz" is reachable from HEAD, and
yet the regular expression /foobarbaz/ fails to match it. The same
documentation indicates that :/<text> references find commits reachable
from any ref, and the glossary entry for "ref" states that HEAD is a
"special-purpose ref" even though it does not begin with "refs/".

It looks to me like references reachable from `master` are always picked
over other references, and that references reachable only from HEAD are
not matched at all.

Is the observed behavior intentional? If so, what am I misunderstanding?


(for searchability: colon slash text references)