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Re: What's (not) cooking

Hi Junio,

On Fri, 6 Jul 2018, Junio C Hamano wrote:

> I'll be pushing out the integration branches with some updates, but
> there is no change in 'next' and below.  The following topics I gave
> a quick look and gave them topic branches, but I had trouble merging
> them in 'pu' and making them work correctly or pass the tests, so
> they are not part of 'pu' in today's pushout.
>     pk/rebase-in-c
>     en/dirty-merge-fixes
>     en/t6036-merge-recursive-tests
>     en/t6042-insane-merge-rename-testcases
>     ds/multi-pack-index

Quick note that `pu` is broken on Windows:


One quite serious looking symptom is this (line 169728 in the log):

2018-07-07T00:25:33.9171932Z ./test-lib.sh: line 664:  4516 Segmentation
fault      git gc

As you know, some time ago I tried to implement an automated build that
auto-bisects issues like this, and unfortunately I had to disable this
because it regularly ran out of time after 4h to bisect through the
complex commit history (due to the fact that many branches in `pu` are not
based on `master` but on commits that are way back in the past, and an
automated build cannot retain information easily such as "this commit was
clean, and please do not bother bisecting past it".

And sadly, previous tests of `pu` (see
were failing on Windows already in the compile stage, see
e.g. https://git-for-windows.visualstudio.com/git/git%20Team/_build/results?buildId=11612&view=logs

So I have no idea what caused this `gc` breakage.