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Re: RUNTIME_PREFIX references in gitconfig variable paths

Hi Paul,

On Wed, 4 Jul 2018, Paul Smith wrote:

> One thing I wanted to do was provide a default ca-bundle.crt file along
> with my local build of Git.  I need my installation to be relocatable
> and I'm using RUNTIME_PREFIX with Git 2.18.0 (on GNU/Linux).

Understandable. We do this all the time in Git for Windows. Our config
entry has this form:

		sslCAinfo = /ssl/certs/ca-bundle.crt

and in the RUNTIME_PREFIX mode, this will be made relative to the runtime
prefix. It is my understanding that bf9acba (http: treat config options
sslCAPath and sslCAInfo as paths, 2015-11-23) makes this work.

> I can provide a system gitconfig file with a setting for http.sslCAInfo
> but the problem is I can't create a relocatable path here so I don't
> know how to set it:
>   $ cat $prefix/etc/gitconfig
>   [http]
>       sslCAInfo = <prefix>/etc/ca-bundle.crt
> What do I use for <prefix> above since I want it to be relocatable? 
> Basically I want this to be in the same directory as the relocatable
> sysconfdir (I don't actually care much but that seems like a good
> place).
> Is there some way to create a reference to a path relative to the
> installation directory?
> For example "~" is accepted as the users $HOME path; is there some
> syntax which refers to the Git installation directory?
> If not this seems like something that would be very useful.
> I can use a wrapper script and set GIT_SSL_CAINFO, but that will also
> override any user's setting of http.sslCAInfo in their local gitconfig
> which I don't really want.

I think if you simply delete `<prefix>`, it will start working.