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Re: Better interoperability with Bitkeeper for fast-import/-export

Hi Philip,

On Tue, Jul 3, 2018 at 1:40 PM, Philip Prindeville
<philipp_subx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi.
> I tried to import into git a repo that I was working on (because it just seemed easier), but when I tried to export the repo back out after making my changes I found it choking on a few things.
> It was explained to me (by the Bitkeeper folks) that git meta-data doesn’t accurately track file moves…  If a file disappears from one place and reappears in another with the same contents, that’s assumed to be a move.
> Given that “git mv” is an explicit action, I’m not sure why that wouldn’t be explicitly tracked.

Not a full explanation, but see

> But I’ve not looked too closely under the covers about how git represents stuff, so maybe there’s more to it than I’m assuming.
> During an export using “-M” and “-C”, Bitkeeper complained:

Why would you add -C?  Does bitkeeper also track copies?

> fast-import: line 'R ports/winnt/libntp/nt_clockstuff.c ports/winnt/ntpd/nt_clockstuff.c' not supported
> so I tried removing those two options, and it got further, this time stalling on:
> fast-import: Unknown command: tag ntp-stable

If the fast-import command you are using can't read tags, then perhaps
you should report that to the authors of the fast-import tool you are
using and/or only feed branches to your fast-export command.

> I like git, mostly because I’ve used it a lot more… and I like the GitHub service.  I use Bitkeeper because a few projects I work on are already set up to use it and it’s not my call whether it’s worth the effort to make the conversion or live with it.
> So… this is an appeal for both to play better together.
> What’s involved in getting git to track file/directory moves/renames so that it’s palatable to Bitkeeper?

Not tracking file/directory moves/renames wasn't an oversight but a
fundamental design decision; see e.g.

However, supposing that we did track renames, how would we tell
bitkeeper?  Well, we'd print out a line that looks like this in the

'R ports/winnt/libntp/nt_clockstuff.c ports/winnt/ntpd/nt_clockstuff.c'

which is precisely the line that bitkeeper's fast-import was choking
on.  So, it sounds like they don't support importing rename
information (or at least the version of fast-import you're using
doesn't).  I think this is where the bug is; you'll probably want to
report it to whoever maintains the fast-import command that is choking
on this line.

Once that's fixed, you can export from git with the -M flag, and from
that output, there'll be no way to tell whether the original
repository tracked renames or detected them after the fact.

Hope that helps,