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Re: Hash algorithm analysis


On 10/06/18 00:49, brian m. carlson wrote:
> I imported the optimized 64-bit implementation of KangarooTwelve. The
> AVX2 implementation was not considered for licensing reasons (it's
> partially generated from external code, which falls foul of the GPL's
> "preferred form for modifications" rule).

Indeed part of the AVX2 code in the Keccak code package is an extension
of the implementation in OpenSSL (written by Andy Polyakov). The
assembly code is generated by a Perl script, and we extended it to fit
in the KCP's internal API.

Would it solve this licensing problem if we remap our extensions to the
Perl script, which would then become "the source"?

On 12/06/18 00:35, brian m. carlson wrote:
>> My understanding is that all the algorithms we're discussing are
>> believed to be approximately equivalent in security. That's a strange
>> thing to say when e.g. K12 uses fewer rounds than SHA3 of the same
>> permutation, but it is my understanding nonetheless. We don't know
>> yet how these hash algorithms will ultimately break. 
> With the exception of variations in preimage security, I expect that's
> correct. I think implementation availability and performance are the
> best candidates for consideration.

Note that we recently updated the paper on K12 (accepted at ACNS 2018),
with more details on performance and security.

>> My understanding of the discussion so far:
>> Keccak team encourages us[1] to consider a variant like K12 instead
>> of SHA3. 
> While I think K12 is an interesting algorithm, I'm not sure we're
> going to get as good of performance out of it as we might want due to
> the lack of implementations.

Implementation availability is indeed important. The effort to transform
an implementation of SHAKE128 into one of K12 is limited due to the
reuse of their main components (round function, sponge construction). So
the availability of SHA-3/Keccak implementations can benefit that of K12
if there is sufficient interest. E.g., the SHA-3/Keccak instructions in
ARMv8.2 can speed up K12 as well.

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