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Re: [GSoC][PATCH 1/1] rebase--interactive: rewrite the edit-todo functionality in C

Hi Alban

On 12/06/18 13:33, Alban Gruin wrote:
Hi Phillip,

Le 11/06/2018 à 17:32, Phillip Wood a écrit :
+    if (launch_editor(todo_file, NULL, NULL))

I'm not sure that this will respect GIT_SEQUENCE_EDITOR, it would be
nice to have a launch_sequence_editor() function that shared as much
code as possible with launch_editor()

It could be done by making launch_editor() and launch_sequence_editor()
some kind of wrapper around a function like launch_specified_editor()
(or something like that), that would take the editor as a parameter, in
addition to the path, the buffer and environment variables.  It would be
also very trivial to implement your first point above on top of that.

That sounds like a good way forward, launch_sequence_editor() could just call launch_editor() if GIT_SEQUENCE_EDITOR and sequence.editor are not set.

   int append_todo_help(unsigned edit_todo, unsigned keep_empty);

Can this declaration be removed now?

No, it’s still used in rebase--helper.c for now.

Ah, sorry I missed that

Best Wishes


+int edit_todo_list(unsigned flags);
   int skip_unnecessary_picks(void);
   int rearrange_squash(void);

Best Wishes