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Re: [RFC PATCH v1] http: add http.keepRejectedCredentials config

On Thu, Jun 07, 2018 at 08:15:16PM -0700, Lars Schneider wrote:

> > In fact, this patch probably should give the user some advice in that
> > regard (either in the documentation, or as a warning when we skip the
> > rejection). If you _do_ have a bogus credential and set the new option,
> > you'd need to reject it manually (you can do it with "git credential
> > reject", but it's probably easier to just unset the option temporarily
> > and re-invoke the original command).
> I like the advice idea very much!
> How about this?
> $ git fetch
> hint: Git has stored invalid credentials.
> hint: Reject them with 'git credential reject' or
> hint: disable the Git config 'http.keepRejectedCredentials'.
> remote: Invalid username or password.
> fatal: Authentication failed for 'https://server.com/myrepo.git/'
> I am not really sure about the grammar :-)

It's probably not worth pointing the user at "git credential reject",
since it's not really meant to be friendly to users. In particular, you
have to speak the credential protocol on stdin.

I _think_

  echo https://server.com/myrepo.git | git credential reject

might be enough, but I didn't test. Probably better advice is to just
repeat the command. Maybe:

  hint: Git kept invalid credentials due to the value of
  hint: http.keepRejectedCredentials. If you wish to drop these
  hint: credentials and be prompted for new ones, re-run your
  hint: command with "git -c http.keepRejectedCredentials=false".

or something?