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Re: [PATCH v7 2/2] json-writer: t0019: add Python unit test

On 07/06/18 03:23, Jeff King wrote:
> On Thu, Jun 07, 2018 at 01:16:14AM +0100, Ramsay Jones wrote:
>>> Probably. We may want to go the same route as we did for perl in 
>>> a0e0ec9f7d (t: provide a perl() function which uses $PERL_PATH,
>>> 2013-10-28) so that test writers don't have to remember this.
>>> That said, I wonder if it would be hard to simply do the python bits
>>> here in perl. This is the first use of python in our test scripts (and
>> Hmm, not quite the _first_ use:
>> $ git grep PYTHON_PATH -- t
>> t/lib-git-p4.sh:        (cd / && "$PYTHON_PATH" -c 'import time; print(int(time.time()))')
>> t/lib-git-p4.sh:        "$PYTHON_PATH" "$TRASH_DIRECTORY/marshal-dump.py"
>> t/t9020-remote-svn.sh:export PATH PYTHON_PATH GIT_BUILD_DIR
>> t/t9020-remote-svn.sh:exec "$PYTHON_PATH" "$GIT_BUILD_DIR/contrib/svn-fe/svnrdump_sim.py" "$@"
>> t/t9802-git-p4-filetype.sh:             "$PYTHON_PATH" "$TRASH_DIRECTORY/k_smush.py" <"$cli/k-text-k" >cli-k-text-k-smush &&
>> t/t9802-git-p4-filetype.sh:             "$PYTHON_PATH" "$TRASH_DIRECTORY/ko_smush.py" <"$cli/k-text-ko" >cli-k-text-ko-smush &&
>> t/t9802-git-p4-filetype.sh:             "$PYTHON_PATH" "$TRASH_DIRECTORY/gendouble.py" >%double.png &&
>> t/t9810-git-p4-rcs.sh:  "$PYTHON_PATH" "$TRASH_DIRECTORY/scrub_k.py" <"$git/$file" >"$scrub" &&
>> t/t9810-git-p4-rcs.sh:  "$PYTHON_PATH" "$TRASH_DIRECTORY/scrub_ko.py" <"$git/$file" >"$scrub" &&
>> $ 
> OK, the first for a feature that is not already written in python
> (leading into my second claim that python is used only for fringe
> commands ;) ).
> Though maybe I am wrong that the remote-svn stuff requires python. I
> thought it did, but poking around, it looks like it's all C, and just
> the "svnrdump_sim" helper is python.

Heh, I was a bit tired last night, so although I knew that
I required python to be installed to run the test-suite, I
could not remember why. As soon as I went to bed, ... :)

I recently installed Ubuntu 18.04, so that I could get a heads
up on any possible problems later this month when I install
Linux Mint 19. In order to get the test-suite to run, I had
to set 'PYTHON_PATH = /usr/bin/python3' in my config.mak file.
(yes, I could have set NO_PYTHON, but you get the idea).

Ubuntu 18.04 no longer installs python2 by default (it has
ported to python3), but presumably you can still install it
as '/usr/bin/python' (I didn't check).

In any event, it was t9020-remote-svn.sh that was failing
which, despite the name, does not depend on 'svn'. As you
already noted, it does run svnrdump_sim.py and the git-remote-testsvn.

> At any rate, I think the point still stands that perl is our main
> scripting language. I'd rather keep us to that unless there's a good
> reason not to.

Agreed. And I see it has come to pass ... :-D

Ramsay Jones