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Re: [PATCH] Use ZSH_NAME instead of ZSH_VERSION because it's redefined by git-completion.zsh


Rick van Hattem wrote:
> On 4 June 2018 at 05:40, Junio C Hamano <gitster@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>> Overlong line, lack of sign-off.
> Apologies for the long lines, I wrote the message on Github where this
> message is properly formatted, apparently the submitgit script can be
> considered broken as it truncates the message when converting to email.
> The original message can be found here: https://github.com/git/git/pull/500
> Below is the original message with proper formatting:
>> A recent change (94408dc) broke zsh for me (actually segfault zsh when
>> trying to use git completion)
>> The reason is that the `git-completion.zsh` sets the `ZSH_VERSION`
>> variable to an empty string:
>>     ...
>>     ZSH_VERSION='' . "$script"
>>     ...
>> I'm not sure if @szeder or @gitster used a different zsh version for
>> testing commit 94408dc but it segfaults zsh 5.5.1
>> (x86_64-apple-darwin15.6.0) on my OS X 10.11.6 machine.
>> The proposed fix is quite simple and shouldn't break any backwards
>> compatibility.
> Hopefully that clears a little bit of the confusion.

Thanks.  That helps a little, but it's missing a crucial piece: may we
forge your sign-off?  See Documentation/SubmittingPatches section
[[sign-off]] ("Certify your work") for more details about what this