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Re: [PATCH v7 2/2] json-writer: t0019: add Python unit test

Ramsay Jones wrote:
> I don't run the p4 or svn tests, so ... :-D

Heh, lucky you. :)

I try to run them all as part of the fedora builds since
they cover much more than I'd ever use.  That's the main
reason I noticed the bare python.  That would trip me up
when it came time to build on a near-future fedora where
python isn't installed by default and I only wanted to
require python3 for the build/runtime scripts.

> On 06/06/18 22:03, Jeff King wrote:
>> really the only user in the whole code base outside of a few fringe
>> commands). Leaving aside any perl vs python flame-war, I think there's
>> value in keeping the number of languages limited when there's not a
>> compelling reason to do otherwise.
> I agree that fewer languages is (generally) a good idea.

Yep, that's certainly even better and if Jeff H. can use
perl relatively easily (or one of the many perl folks here
can help with that part of the test), that's great.  The
best way to solve many problems is avoid having them. :)


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