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Re: git rm bug

Thomas Fischer wrote:
> I agree that the entire chain of empty directories should not be tracked, as git tracks content, not files.
> However, when I run 'rm path/to/some/file', I expect path/to/some/ to still exist.
> Similarly, when I run 'git rm path/to/some/file', I expect path/to/some/ to exist, *albeit untracked*.
> I do NOT expect git to *track* empty directories. But I also do NOT expect it to remove untracked directories.

It looks like this behavior has been in place for many
years, since d9b814cc97 ("Add builtin "git rm" command",
2006-05-19).  Interestingly, Linus noted in the commit
message that the removal of leading directories was
different than when git-rm was a shell script.  And he
wondered if it might be worth having an option to control
that behavior.

I imagine that most users either want the current behavior
or they rarely run across this and are surprised, given how
long git rm has worked this way.

It does seem like something which could be noted in the git
rm docs.  Perhaps you'd care to take a stab at a patch to
add a note to Documentation/git-rm.txt Thomas?  Maybe a note
at the end of the DISCUSSION section?

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