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git question from a newbie


I am new to Git and have read quite a few articles on it.
I am planning on setting up a remote repository on a windows 2012 R2 server and will access it via HTTPS.
I am setting up a local repository on my desk top (others in my group will do the same).
On "server1":  I install Git and create a repository "repos".
On "server1":  I create a dummy webpage "default.htm" and place it in the repo folder.
On "server1":  I create a web application in IIS pointing to Git
On Server1":   change permissions so IIS_User  has access to the folders.
On "server1":  inside the "repos" folder and right click and choose "bash here"
On "server1":   $ git init  -bare    (it's really 2 hyphens)

On Desktop:  open Chrome and type in URL to make sure we can access it    https://xyz/repos/default.htm
      ** make sure you have access, no certificate issues or firewall issues.  The pages shows up fine

On Desktop:  install Git and create repository "repos".
On Desktop:  right click in "repos" folder and choose "bash here"
On Desktop:  $ git init
On Desktop : add a folder "testProject" under the "repos" folder and add some files to the folder
On Desktop:  $ git add .                 (will add files and folder to working tree)
On Desktop   $ git status               (shows it recognizes the filed were added)
On Desktop   $ git commit -m "test project commit"           (will stage changes)
On Desktop   $ git push https://xyz.domainname.com/repos master

** this is the error I get,  I have tried many different things.  I am sure I am doing something stupid
** I have tried a bunch of variations but I always get the same error.  It looks like some type of network/permission
** thing but everything seems OK.
       Fatal: repository 'https://xyz.domainname.com/repos/' not found

*** this is where I get the error trying to push staged items to the remote repository.
*** I have tried to clone the empty remote repository still same error
*** I checked port 443 is opened and being used for https
*** tried to set origin to https://xyz.domainname.com/repos"; and then $git push origin master   (same error)
*** I tried passing credentials to the remote server as well

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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