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Request for Partnership

Good day,

This is a personal email directed to you for your consideration alone,
I request that it remain and be treated as such only. My name is Mr.
Mallam Tanko. I am working with one of the prime banks here in Burkina
Faso. Here in this bank existed a dormant account for many years,
which belong to one of our late foreign customer who died in a plane
crash with his family members. When I discovered that there had been
neither deposits nor withdrawals from this account for this long
period, I decided to carry out a system investigation and discovered
that none of the family member or relations of the late person are
aware of this account, which means nobody will come to take it.

The amount in this account stands at $2, 700, 000.00 (Two Million
Seven Hundred Thousand USA Dollars). I want a foreign account where
the bank will transfer this fund. I have access to very vital
information that can be used to move the money. I have done my
homework very well and i have the machineries in place to get it done
since I am still in active service. If it was possible for me to do it
alone I would not have bothered contacting you.

Ultimately I need you to play an important role in the completion of
this business transaction by acting as the Next of Kin to the late
customer and of which i will back you up with relevant information.
Infact, what the bank need is proof and information about the late
customer which I will assist you on and all the details shall be sent
to you once I hear from you, reply back for more details about the
Reply if you are willing to do the business.
Mr Mallam Tanko.