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Re: [PATCH v2] t/perf/run: Use proper "--get-regexp", not "--get-regex"

On Sun, 3 Jun 2018, Philip Oakley wrote:

> From: "Robert P. J. Day" <rpjday@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> > On Sun, 3 Jun 2018, Thomas Gummerer wrote:

> >> --get-regex works as the parse-option API allows abbreviations of
> >> the full option to be specified as long as the abbreviation is
> >> unambiguos.  I don't know if this is documented anywhere other
> >> than 'Documentation/technical/api-parse-options.txt' though.
> it's in `git help cli`:
> many commands allow a long option --option to be abbreviated only to
> their unique prefix (e.g. if there is no other option whose name
> begins with opt, you may be able to spell --opt to invoke the
> --option flag), but you should fully spell them out when writing
> your scripts;
> It's a worthwile read, even if the man page isn't flagged up that
> often.

  agreed that it's a good read and should be referenced more often.
one thing i don't see there, and it's based on an observation someone
once made (i believe on this list), is that even if there is
absolutely no ambiguity in a command, even if there are no pathspec
arguments, it's still worthwhile to add a trailing "--":

  $ git command options/treeish ... --

since that guarantees that git will waste no time trying to identify
any ambiguity since you're being so precise. is that worth mentioning
in that page?



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