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Re: [PATCH] Use ZSH_NAME instead of ZSH_VERSION because it's redefined by git-completion.zsh

Rick van Hattem <wolph@xxxxxx> writes:

> The `git-completion.zsh` unsets the `$ZSH_VERSION` which makes this check moot. The result (at least for me) is that zsh segfaults because of all the variables it's unsetting.
> ---

Overlong line, lack of sign-off.

>  # Clear the variables caching builtins' options when (re-)sourcing
>  # the completion script.
> -if [[ -n ${ZSH_VERSION-} ]]; then
> +if [[ -n ${ZSH_NAME-} ]]; then

I am not a zsh user, and I do not know how reliable $ZSH_NAME can be
taken as an indication that we are running zsh and have already
found a usable git-completion-.bash script.

I think what the proposed log message refers to as "unsets" is this
part of the script:

        zstyle -s ":completion:*:*:git:*" script script
        if [ -z "$script" ]; then
                local -a locations
                local e
                        $(dirname ${funcsourcetrace[1]%:*})/git-completion.bash
                for e in $locations; do
                        test -f $e && script="$e" && break
        ZSH_VERSION='' . "$script"

If your ZSH_VERSION is empty, doesn't it indicate that the script
did not find a usable git-completion.bash script (to which it
outsources the bulk of the completion work)?  I do agree segfaulting
is not a friendly way to tell you that your setup is lacking to make
it work, but I have a feeling that what you are seeing is an
indication of a bigger problem, which will be sweeped under the rug
with this patch but without getting fixed...