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Re: git glob pattern in .gitignore and git command

Hi Yubun,

From: "Yubin Ruan" <ablacktshirt@xxxxxxxxx>
To ignore all .js file under a directory `lib', I can use "lib/**/js" to
them. But when using git command such as "git add", using "git add
is sufficient. Why is this difference in glob mode?

I have heard that there are many different glob mode out there (e.g., bash
many different glob mode). So, which classes of glob mode does these two
belong to? Do they have a name?

Is this a question about `git add` being able to add a file that is marked
as being ignored in the .gitignore file? [Yes it can.]

Or, is this simply about the many different globbing capabilities of one's
shell, and of Git?

The double asterix (star) is specific/local to Git. It is described in the
various commands that use it, especially the gitignore man page `git help
ignore` or  https://git-scm.com/docs/gitignore.
"Two consecutive asterisks ("**") in patterns matched against full pathname
may have special meaning: ... "

The single asterix does have two modes depending on how you quote it. It is
described in the command line interface (cli) man page ` git help cli` or
"Many commands allow wildcards in paths, but you need to protect them from
getting globbed by the shell. These two mean different things: ... "

A common proper name for these asterix style characters is a "wildcards".
Try 'bash wildcards' or linux wildcards' in your favourite search engine.