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Re: [PATCH v2] mailmap: update brian m. carlson's email address


brian m. carlson wrote:

> An earlier change, cdb6b5ac (".mailmap: Combine more (name, email) to
> individual persons", 2013-08-12), noted that there were two name
> spellings and two email addresses and mapped the crustytoothpaste.net
> address to the crustytoothpaste.ath.cx address.  The latter is an older,
> obsolete address, while the former is current, so switch the order of
> the addresses so that git log displays the correct address.
> Signed-off-by: brian m. carlson <sandals@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> ---
> I intentionally avoided the use of the first person here, because I
> wasn't sure what the preference of the list was on that.  Hopefully it
> reads naturally and isn't awkward.

I have no preference.  First or third person would work equally well
for me for this kind of thing.

> --- a/.mailmap
> +++ b/.mailmap
> @@ -25,8 +25,8 @@ Ben Walton <bdwalton@xxxxxxxxx> <bwalton@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>  Benoit Sigoure <tsunanet@xxxxxxxxx> <tsuna@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>  Bernt Hansen <bernt@xxxxxxxxx> <bernt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>  Brandon Casey <drafnel@xxxxxxxxx> <casey@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> -brian m. carlson <sandals@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> Brian M. Carlson <sandals@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> -brian m. carlson <sandals@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> <sandals@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> +brian m. carlson <sandals@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> Brian M. Carlson <sandals@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> +brian m. carlson <sandals@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> <sandals@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Today I tried a "git shortlog" run and was surprised to find

  Brian M. Carlson (6):
      Add missing test file for UTF-16.
      submodule: fix confusing variable name
      submodule: don't print status output with ignore=all
      send-email: don't call methods on undefined values
      http-backend: provide Allow header for 405
      remote-curl: fix large pushes with GSSAPI

These commits use author Brian M. Carlson <sandals@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>.
Previously they matched

	brian m. carlson <sandals@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> <sandals@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

but now they don't match any line in the .mailmap file.

Should we add a line

	brian m. carlson <sandals@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

to handle these commits?