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Re: [PATCHv2 0/3] Reroll of sb/submodule-merge-in-merge-recursive

On Tue, May 15, 2018 at 1:15 PM, Leif Middelschulte
<leif.middelschulte@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hello Stefan,
> thank you once again for your effort.
> Am 15. Mai 2018 um 22:00:34, Stefan Beller
> (sbeller@xxxxxxxxxx(mailto:sbeller@xxxxxxxxxx)) schrieb:
>> This rerolls the two commits found at [1] with the feedback of Eliah
>> and puts Leifs patch[2] on top, that I edited according to Eliahs feedback,
>> but kept Leifs ownership.
>> This has addressed all of Eliahs feedback AFAICT.
>> You'll find a branch-diff below[3], which lacks
>> the new patch of Leif in that series, but is part of the reroll?
>> Leif, what do you think?
> Seems great to me. Thank you for picking up and improving my changes :)
> One Question though: Shouldn’t an enum (like
> NOTES_MERGE_VERBOSITY_DEFAULT) be used instead of numbers?

Hah! I did not know that existed.

builtin/notes.c:810:    o.verbosity = verbosity + NOTES_MERGE_VERBOSITY_DEFAULT;
notes-merge.c:22:       o->verbosity = NOTES_MERGE_VERBOSITY_DEFAULT;
notes-merge.h:9:        NOTES_MERGE_VERBOSITY_DEFAULT = 2,

It doesn't seem to be used much, as opposed to numbers:

$ git grep show -- merge-recursive.c
merge-recursive.c:201:static int show(struct merge_options *o, int v)
merge-recursive.c:211:  if (!show(o, v))
merge-recursive.c:570:  opts.show_rename_progress = o->show_rename_progress;
merge-recursive.c:1096:         if (show(o, 3)) {
merge-recursive.c:1099:         } else if (show(o, 2))
merge-recursive.c:1108:         if (show(o, 3)) {
merge-recursive.c:1111:         } else if (show(o, 2))
merge-recursive.c:2178:         if (show(o, 4) || o->call_depth)
merge-recursive.c:2275: if (show(o, 4)) {
merge-recursive.c:2286: if (show(o, 5)) {
merge-recursive.c:2351: if (show(o, 2))

(The first two are the implementation of show/output, third is
somewhat unrelated to show() and all the rest is numbers).

I would suggest to send a followup series on top of this?

I would think numbers are fine for now.