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Re: [RFC PATCH 00/10] Make submodules work if .gitmodules is not checked out

Hi Antonio,

thanks for sending this series! Happy to review it!

>   - my git terminology may still be a little off: do "work tree" and
>     "work directory" mean the same thing?

Back in the old days, you had a "worktree" which is a directory where
things are checked out and you modify files. It sort of the opposite of the
"git directory", which git uses to store all its information.

Then quite some time later, the command git-worktree was invented.
Now we had 2 things with the same name, which is unfortunate.
But as the command git-worktree added more of these directories
that you could work in, the name collision was not apparent.

Later when people noticed the subtle difference between the
command and the thing on the file system, consensus seemed to be
that the thing on the file system should rather be called "working tree"
such that it sounds very similar but is distinguishable from the command.

However the outcome of the discussion did not yield a bi&complete
refactoring of the code base, such that there are still places with "worktree"
referring to the thing on the FS, "working trees".

I am not aware that "working directory" is an official term we use in
any documentation for Git, but it sounds like you mean a "working tree".
(From a point of view not based on the version control, "working directory"
may sound more correct, note however as the directories in Git are
named trees, the working "tree" sounds as if you can make changes to
Git trees, ... which you can. :) )

> If anyone wanted to pick up and finish the work feel free to do so,
> otherwise please comment and I'll try to address issues as time permits.

First let's review this series. :)