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Re: Re: [PATCH 1/3] checkout.c: add strict usage of -- before file_path

From: "Dannier Castro L" <danniercl@xxxxxxxxx>
On 13/05/2018 00:03, Duy Nguyen wrote:

On Sun, May 13, 2018 at 4:23 AM, Dannier Castro L <danniercl@xxxxxxxxx>
For GIT new users, this complicated versatility of <checkout> could
be very confused, also considering that actually the flag '--' is
completely useless (added or not, there is not any difference for
this command), when the same program messages promote the use of
this flag.
I would like an option to revert back to current behavior. I'm not a
new user. I know what I'm doing. Please don't make me type more.

And '--" is not completely useless. If you have <file> and <branch>
with the same name, you have to give "--" to to tell git what the
first argument means.

Sure Duy, you're right, probably "completely useless" is not the correct
definition, even according with the code I didn't find another useful
case that is not file and branch with the same name. The program is able
to know the type using only the name, turning "--" into an extra flag in
most of cases.

I think this solution could please you more: By default the configuration
is the current, but the user has the chance to set this, for example:

git config --global flag.strictdashdash true

Thank you so much for the spent time reviewing the patch, this is my
first one in this repository.

It maybe that after review you could suggest an appropriate rewording or
re-arrangement of the man page to better highlight the proper use of the
'--' disambiguation.

Perhaps frame the man page as if it is normal for the '--' to be included
within command lines (which should be the case for scripts anyway!).

Then indicate that it isn't mandatory if the file/branch/dwim distinction is
obvious. i.e. make sure that the man page is educational as well as being a
reference that may be misunderstood.

Those well versed in the Git cli will normally omit the '--', only using it
where necessary, however for a new users/readers of the man page, it may be
better to be more explicit and avoid future misunderstandings.