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refreshing the gitk colour scheme

Hello everyone,

I’ve been using Gitk with the following colour settings for a year or
so, and I found it much more convenient to use that the current default,
so I’d like to propose to make them the defaults. These colours are
slightly less 80’s i.e. they’re using colours outside of the ‘classic’
16 colour palette for a more pleasing visual experience.

set headbgcolor #98ff5e
set remotebgcolor #bae2ff
set tagbgcolor #f3fb57
set mainheadcirclecolor #ffeb74
set indexcirclecolor green
set circlecolors {white #08b5ed gray blue blue}

I also found it may be a good idea to disable auto-selection of the
commit hash by default, since it overwrites whatever content was in the
selection clipboard, and also pollutes the clipboard history if the user
is using a clipboard manager:

set autoselect 0

Here’s one more change which I am not proposing for inclusion, but I
found it more æsthetically pleasing than the default:

set mainfont {FreeSans 11}