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RE: [Best Practices Request] clean/smudge configuration

On May 10, 2018 10:27 PM, Junio C Hamano wrote:
> "Randall S. Becker" <rsbecker@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> > What if we create a ../.gitconfig like ../.gitattributes, that is
> > loaded before .git/config?
> You should not forget one of the two reasons why clean/smudge/diff etc.
> drivers must be given with a step of redirection, split between attributes and
> config.  "This path holds text from ancient macs" at the logical level may be
> expressed in .gitattributes, and then "when checking out text from ancient
> macs, process the blob data with this program to turn it into a form suitable
> for working tree" is given as a smudge filter program, that is (1) suitable for
> the platform _you_ as the writer of the config file is using *AND* (2)
> something you are confortable running on behalf of you.
> We *deliberately* lack a mechanism to pay attention to in-tree config that
> gets propagated to those who get them via "git clone", exactly because
> otherwise your upstream may not just specify a "smudge" program that your
> platform would be unable to run, but can specify a "smudge" program that
> pretends to be a smudger, but is actually a program that installs a keylogger
> and posts your login password and bank details to this mailing list ;-)
> So, no, I do not think in-tree configuration will fly.

I agree, which is why I asked the original question instead of posting it as a formal patch. We would probably get a brand new CVE implementing the proposed proto-changes even if the original intent was internal trusted repositories only. That's why I asked this as a "Best Practices" type question, which I think I have a better idea on now. The actual situation is rather cool from a DevOps point of view, and whatever the ultimate solution is, might make for a nice presentation at some future conference 😉.

Cheers and thanks,