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Re: [Best Practices Request] clean/smudge configuration

"Randall S. Becker" <rsbecker@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> What if we create a ../.gitconfig like ../.gitattributes, that is loaded
> before .git/config?

You should not forget one of the two reasons why clean/smudge/diff
etc. drivers must be given with a step of redirection, split between
attributes and config.  "This path holds text from ancient macs" at
the logical level may be expressed in .gitattributes, and then "when
checking out text from ancient macs, process the blob data with this
program to turn it into a form suitable for working tree" is given
as a smudge filter program, that is (1) suitable for the platform
_you_ as the writer of the config file is using *AND* (2) something
you are confortable running on behalf of you.

We *deliberately* lack a mechanism to pay attention to in-tree
config that gets propagated to those who get them via "git clone",
exactly because otherwise your upstream may not just specify a
"smudge" program that your platform would be unable to run, but can
specify a "smudge" program that pretends to be a smudger, but is
actually a program that installs a keylogger and posts your login
password and bank details to this mailing list ;-)

So, no, I do not think in-tree configuration will fly.