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Re: [Best Practices Request] clean/smudge configuration

On Wed, May 9, 2018 at 3:09 PM Randall S. Becker <rsbecker@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> The question: what is the best practice for versioning the parts of
> clean/smudge filters that are in .git/config given that only some users in
> my environment will be cloning the repository in question and that I
> can't put the entries in /etc/gitconfig or ~/.gitconfig because of
> conflicts with other repositories that might also have clean/smudge
> definitions.

Depending on level of trust, one approach might be to use an [include] in
.git/config to include a file that's in the repository. Something like:

     path = ../path/to/config

That way that part of the configuration can be derived from the
repository's contents. If you checkout a revision where the file doesn't
exist, then Git just ignores the include.

You're trusting the repository's contents, though, at that point; whatever
is in that file will be included in your overall config and honored by Git.