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[Best Practices Request] clean/smudge configuration

Hi Git Team,

I'm trying to work out some best practices for managing clean/smudge filters
and hit a bump. The situation is that I have an environment where the
possible clean/smudge filter configuration can change over time and needs to
be versioned with the product being managed in a git repository. Part of the
configuration is no problem in .gitattributes, but the other bits are in
.git/config. I get that the runnable part of the filters need to be strictly
platform independent in principle, but I can abstract that part in this

The question: what is the best practice for versioning the parts of
clean/smudge filters that are in .git/config given that only some users in
my environment will be cloning the repository in question and that I really
can't put the entries in /etc/gitconfig or ~/.gitconfig because of potential
conflicts with other repositories that might also have clean/smudge