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Re: Implementing reftable in Git


Christian Couder wrote:

> I might start working on implementing reftable in Git soon.


> So I think the most straightforward and compatible way to do it would
> be to port the JGit implementation.

I suspect following the spec[1] would be even more compatible, since it
would force us to tighten the spec where it is unclear.

>                                        It looks like the
> JGit repo and the reftable code there are licensed under the Eclipse
> Distribution License - v 1.0 [7] which is very similar to the 3-Clause
> BSD License also called Modified BSD License

If you would like the patches at https://git.eclipse.org/r/q/topic:reftable
relicensed for Git's use so that you don't need to include that
license header, let me know.  Separate from any legal concerns, if
you're doing a straight port, a one-line comment crediting the JGit
project would still be appreciated, of course.

That said, I would not be surprised if going straight from the spec is
easier than porting the code.


[1] https://eclipse.googlesource.com/jgit/jgit/+/master/Documentation/technical/reftable.md