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Re: regarding fix on "git clone $there $here"

Leslie Wang <qiwa@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> At 2.14.1 or 2.15.1, if I run command like 
>  - mkdir /tmp/111
>  - git clone git@xxxxxxxxxx:111/111 /tmp/111
> because it will failure, then /tmp/111 will be removed automatically.

Yes, this was a (longstanding) bug that nobody bothered to fix for a
long time.  As "git clone" did not create /tmp/111 but it was given
to it by the external world, it shouldn't remove it upon failure.
Of course, if you omit the "mkdir" in the above sequence and let
"git clone" create /tmp/111, tne Git will remove it upon failure as
part of the clean-up.