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Re: [PATCH] mailmap: update brian m. carlson's email address

On Sun, May 6, 2018 at 8:37 PM, Junio C Hamano <gitster@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> "brian m. carlson" <sandals@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>> The order of addresses in the mailmap file was reversed, leading to git
>> preferring the crustytoothpaste.ath.cx address, which is obsolete, over
>> the crustytoothpaste.net address, which is current.  Switch the order of
>> the addresses so that git log displays the correct address.
>> Signed-off-by: brian m. carlson <sandals@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>> ---
> I initially reacted to "was reversed" with "yikes, did we break the
> mailmap reader and we need to update the file?", but apparently that
> is not what this patch is about.  I think what is happening here is
> that cdb6b5ac (".mailmap: Combine more (name, email) to individual
> persons", 2013-08-12) removed
> -Brian M. Carlson <sandals@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> and then added these two lines
> +brian m. carlson <sandals@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> Brian M. Carlson <sandals@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> +brian m. carlson <sandals@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> <sandals@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> where *.net address did not come from any other entry for you in the
> file.  I guess the author of the patch saw that you were sending
> your messages from the .net address and tried to help by unifying
> the two addresses, without knowing your preference and recorded two
> reversed entries.
> Will queue as-is for now, but if you want to update the log message
> I do not mind taking a reroll.


sorry to break you there. I was the author of the patch Junio found, organizing
the .mailmap file was one of my starter contributions. I recall asking all the
people if they were ok with it their names combined in different spellings
94b410bba86 (.mailmap: Map email addresses to names, 2013-07-12)
f4f49e2258a (.mailmap: Combine more (email, name) to individual
persons, 2013-07-14)
and I vaguley recall asking you about capitalization of your name there
and you preferred the lower case name, but apparently I never asked you
about the preferred email address.

Sorry and thanks for fixing,