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Re: What's cooking in git.git (May 2018, #01; Mon, 7)

Hi Junio,

On Mon, May 7, 2018 at 7:58 AM, Junio C Hamano <gitster@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> * en/rename-directory-detection-reboot (2018-04-25) 36 commits
>  - merge-recursive: fix check for skipability of working tree updates
>  - merge-recursive: make "Auto-merging" comment show for other merges
>  - merge-recursive: fix remainder of was_dirty() to use original index
>  - merge-recursive: fix was_tracked() to quit lying with some renamed paths
>  - t6046: testcases checking whether updates can be skipped in a merge
>  - merge-recursive: avoid triggering add_cacheinfo error with dirty mod
>  - merge-recursive: move more is_dirty handling to merge_content
>  - merge-recursive: improve add_cacheinfo error handling
>  - merge-recursive: avoid spurious rename/rename conflict from dir renames
>  - directory rename detection: new testcases showcasing a pair of bugs
>  - merge-recursive: fix remaining directory rename + dirty overwrite cases
>  - merge-recursive: fix overwriting dirty files involved in renames
>  - merge-recursive: avoid clobbering untracked files with directory renames
>  - merge-recursive: apply necessary modifications for directory renames
>  - merge-recursive: when comparing files, don't include trees
>  - merge-recursive: check for file level conflicts then get new name
>  - merge-recursive: add computation of collisions due to dir rename & merging
>  - merge-recursive: check for directory level conflicts
>  - merge-recursive: add get_directory_renames()
>  - merge-recursive: make a helper function for cleanup for handle_renames
>  - merge-recursive: split out code for determining diff_filepairs
>  - merge-recursive: make !o->detect_rename codepath more obvious
>  - merge-recursive: fix leaks of allocated renames and diff_filepairs
>  - merge-recursive: introduce new functions to handle rename logic
>  - merge-recursive: move the get_renames() function
>  - directory rename detection: tests for handling overwriting dirty files
>  - directory rename detection: tests for handling overwriting untracked files
>  - directory rename detection: miscellaneous testcases to complete coverage
>  - directory rename detection: testcases exploring possibly suboptimal merges
>  - directory rename detection: more involved edge/corner testcases
>  - directory rename detection: testcases checking which side did the rename
>  - directory rename detection: files/directories in the way of some renames
>  - directory rename detection: partially renamed directory testcase/discussion
>  - directory rename detection: testcases to avoid taking detection too far
>  - directory rename detection: directory splitting testcases
>  - directory rename detection: basic testcases
>  (this branch is used by bp/merge-rename-config.)
>  Rename detection logic in "diff" family that is used in "merge" has
>  learned to guess when all of x/a, x/b and x/c have moved to z/a,
>  z/b and z/c, it is likely that x/d added in the meantime would also
>  want to move to z/d by taking the hint that the entire directory
>  'x' moved to 'z'.  Incidentally, this avoids updating a file in the
>  working tree after a (non-trivial) merge whose result matches what
>  our side originally had.

Thanks for adding a comment about the fix for the unnecessary update.
However, you've dropped a comment from the original release note about
the other fix this series also provides, namely, "A bug causing dirty
files involved in a rename to be overwritten during merge has also
been fixed as part of this work."  Was this intentional?