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Re: What's cooking in git.git (May 2018, #01; Mon, 7)

On 5/7/2018 10:58 AM, Junio C Hamano wrote:
* ds/generation-numbers (2018-05-02) 11 commits
  - commit-graph.txt: update design document
  - merge: check config before loading commits
  - commit: use generation number in remove_redundant()
  - commit: add short-circuit to paint_down_to_common()
  - commit: use generation numbers for in_merge_bases()
  - ref-filter: use generation number for --contains
  - commit-graph: always load commit-graph information
  - commit: use generations in paint_down_to_common()
  - commit-graph: compute generation numbers
  - commit: add generation number to struct commmit
  - ref-filter: fix outdated comment on in_commit_list
  (this branch uses ds/commit-graph and ds/lazy-load-trees.)

  A recently added "commit-graph" datafile has learned to store
  pre-computed generation numbers to speed up the decisions to stop
  history traversal.

  Is this ready for 'next'?

I see that you squashed the fix from [1], so I think this is ready to go. Thanks!

[1] https://public-inbox.org/git/1cfe38f6-925b-d36b-53ae-6b586eed199c@xxxxxxxxx/

* ds/lazy-load-trees (2018-05-02) 6 commits
   (merged to 'next' on 2018-05-02 at d54016d9e3)
  + coccinelle: avoid wrong transformation suggestions from commit.cocci
   (merged to 'next' on 2018-04-25 at b90813f421)
  + commit-graph: lazy-load trees for commits
  + treewide: replace maybe_tree with accessor methods
  + commit: create get_commit_tree() method
  + treewide: rename tree to maybe_tree
  + Merge branch 'bw/c-plus-plus' into ds/lazy-load-trees
  (this branch is used by ds/generation-numbers; uses ds/commit-graph.)

  The code has been taught to use the duplicated information stored
  in the commit-graph file to learn the tree object name for a commit
  to avoid opening and parsing the commit object when it makes sense
  to do so.

  Will merge to 'master'.

* ds/commit-graph (2018-04-11) 16 commits
   (merged to 'next' on 2018-04-25 at 18af3d28d9)
  + commit-graph: implement "--append" option
  + commit-graph: build graph from starting commits
  + commit-graph: read only from specific pack-indexes
  + commit: integrate commit graph with commit parsing
  + commit-graph: close under reachability
  + commit-graph: add core.commitGraph setting
  + commit-graph: implement git commit-graph read
  + commit-graph: implement git-commit-graph write
  + commit-graph: implement write_commit_graph()
  + commit-graph: create git-commit-graph builtin
  + graph: add commit graph design document
  + commit-graph: add format document
  + csum-file: refactor finalize_hashfile() method
  + csum-file: rename hashclose() to finalize_hashfile()
  + Merge branch 'jk/cached-commit-buffer' into HEAD
  + Merge branch 'jt/binsearch-with-fanout' into HEAD
  (this branch is used by ds/generation-numbers and ds/lazy-load-trees.)

  Precompute and store information necessary for ancestry traversal
  in a separate file to optimize graph walking.

  Will merge to 'master'.

These have been queued for master for a few weeks. Is anything delaying them? I'd love to see the community dogfood this feature by running the following on their local repos:

    git config core.commitGraph true
    git show-ref -s | git commit-graph write --stdin-commits