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Re: Bug: rebase -i creates committer time inversions on 'reword'


On Sat, 14 Apr 2018, Phillip Wood wrote:

> On 13/04/18 17:52, Johannes Sixt wrote:
> > 
> > I just noticed that all commits in a 70-commit branch have the same
> > committer timestamp. This is very unusual on Windows, where rebase -i of
> > such a long branch takes more than one second (but not more than 3 or
> > so thanks to the builtin nature of the command!).
> > 
> > And, in fact, if you mark some commits with 'reword' to delay the quick
> > processing of the patches, then the reworded commits have later time
> > stamps, but subsequent not reworded commits receive the earlier time
> > stamp. This is clearly not intended.
> Oh dear, I think this is probably due to my series making rebase commit
> in-process when the commit message isn't being edited. I didn't realize
> that git cached the commit date rather than using the current time when
> calling commit_tree_extended(). I'll take a look at it next week.


However, a quick lock at `git log @{u}.. --format=%ct` in my
`sequencer-shears` branch thicket (which I rebase frequently on top of
upstream's `master` using the last known-good `rebase-merges` sub-branch)
shows that the commits have different-enough commit timestamps. (It is
satisfying to see that multiple commits were made during the same second,
of course.)

So while I cannot find anything in the code that disagrees with Hannes'
assessment, it looks on the surface as if I did not encounter the bug


FWIW I agree with Hannes' patch.

> I think 'git am' probably gives all patches the same commit time as well
> if the commit date is cached though it wont suffer from the time-travel
> problem.

I thought that `git am` was the subject of such a complaint recently, but
I thought that had been resolved? Apparently I misremember...