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First of all let me introduce myself to you. my names are MR.THOMAS FRANK, please I have an entire risk free deal for you and me. I am a retired staff of central bank of Nigeria. I was the account officer to the late Libya Muammar Gaddafi. He had a confidential oil business partner in Saudi Armco that frequently send funds to his secret bank account in our bank here; I will then transfer the funds to his bank account upon his instructions. While war was going on in his country, the sum of EIGHT MILLION FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS was transferred to the secret

account by his oil business partner shortly before his death in October 20, 2011, the funds have been intact in the account since then (I EMPHASIZE, THAT NO ONE) is aware of the actual owner of the funds except me because the account was not created in his name but in a company name. I have full knowledge of how to peacefully claim the funds from the central bank. However, his business partner believed the funds was remitted out of the account to him before his death. (SO THIS IS A VERY SAFE DEAL).I have obtained all the concerned legal documents that will give you

the officially authorized right to transfer the funds out of the account as the beneficiary of the fund ,Therefore I want the fund transferred out of the Bank account to your bank account as the beneficiary without delay. No single danger is involved in this deal, you will legitimately receive the funds safe and sound in your bank account without delay, do not fear any unforeseen circumstances whatsoever now and never in the future. I am involved in this deal and now am involving you because it is totally risk free. We shall share

the funds based on the terms we shall both agree on. Kindly indicate your telephone number in your reply, also your full name and address. GOOD DAY.

Best Regards,
email: thomasfrankk577@xxxxxxxxx