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Re: [PATCH] specify encoding for sed command

>> I think the best way to move forward with this is a new patch that uses
>> `awk` instead of `sed`: I tested several `awk` variants and the command
>> was portable without requiring any changes to LANG or LC_ALL.
>> Does that sound like a good plan?
> No ;)
> Could you please give the patch below a try?
Your patch works great and is clearly a way better approach than parsing the output of `set`.

> I'm just not sure whether we should burden this otherwise nice and short
> commit message with the details of this Powerline-macOS-Bash-sed issue...
It might be worth mentioning it briefly, in order to reduce the chances of a regression in the future. Maybe something like...
"In Bash we can do better: run the 'compgen -v __gitcomp_builtin_' builtin command, which lists the same variables, but without the risk of errors caused by poor Unicode handling in some shells' 'set' builtin command or the overhead of executing 'sed'."