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Re: File versioning based on shallow Git repositories?

On Thu, Apr 12 2018, Hallvard Breien Furuseth wrote:

> On 12. april 2018 20:47, Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason wrote:
>> 1. Create a backup.git repo
>> 2. Each time you make a backup, checkout a new orphan branch, see "git
>>     checkout --orphan"
>> 3. You copy the files over, commit them, "git log" at this point shows
>>     one commit no matter if you've done this before.
>> 4. You create a tag for this backup, e.g. one named after the current
>>     time, delete the branch.
>> 5. You then have a retention period for the tags, e.g. only keep the
>>     last 30 tags if you do daily backups for 30 days of backups.
>> Then as soon as you delete the tags the old commit will be unreferenced,
>> and you can make git-gc delete the data.
> Nice!
> Why the tags though, instead of branches named after the current time?

Because tags are idiomatic in git for a reference that doesn't change,
but sure, if you'd like branches that'll work too.

> One --orphan branch/tag per day with several commits would work for me.
> Also maybe it'll be worthwhile to generate .git/info/grafts in a local
> clone of the repo to get back easily visible history.  No grafts in
> the original repo, grafts mess things up.

Maybe, I have not tried this with grafts.