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Re: File versioning based on shallow Git repositories?

On 12. april 2018 20:47, Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason wrote:
1. Create a backup.git repo
2. Each time you make a backup, checkout a new orphan branch, see "git
    checkout --orphan"
3. You copy the files over, commit them, "git log" at this point shows
    one commit no matter if you've done this before.
4. You create a tag for this backup, e.g. one named after the current
    time, delete the branch.
5. You then have a retention period for the tags, e.g. only keep the
    last 30 tags if you do daily backups for 30 days of backups.

Then as soon as you delete the tags the old commit will be unreferenced,
and you can make git-gc delete the data.

Why the tags though, instead of branches named after the current time?

One --orphan branch/tag per day with several commits would work for me.

Also maybe it'll be worthwhile to generate .git/info/grafts in a local
clone of the repo to get back easily visible history.  No grafts in
the original repo, grafts mess things up.