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Re: [Git] recursive merge on 'master' severely broken?

Junio C Hamano <gitster@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Another interim report.
> I do not yet know which one of the ~30 individual commmits is the
> real culprit, ...

It bisects down to c5b761fb ("merge-recursive: ensure we write
updates for directory-renamed file", 2018-02-14); given that a part
of the symptom I saw was a few messages like these:

        CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in upload-pack.c
        error: addinfo_cache failed for path 'sha1-name.c'
        error: addinfo_cache failed for path 'sha1-file.c'
        Auto-merging sequencer.c

and the patch does change code around the callsites to
add_cacheinfo(), it does look like a plausible culprit.