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Re: [Git] recursive merge on 'master' severely broken?

Junio C Hamano <gitster@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> It appears that a topic recently graduated to 'master' introduces a
> severe regression to "git merge" when it merges a side branch that
> renames paths while the trunk has further updates.
> ...
> I suspect that the culprit is the merge e4bb62fa ("Merge branch
> 'en/rename-directory-detection'", 2018-04-10), and I am planning to
> revert it out of 'master' as soon as possible, but it is already
> buried deep in other topics, so I may not be able to get to it until
> later this week.  Sorry about that.

An interim report.

It indeed is that merge with the topic.  I rebuilt an equivalent of
'master' without that topic on top of v2.17.0 and tried the same
merge of sb/filenames-with-dashes fd055186 ("replace_object.c:
rename to use dash in file name", 2018-04-10) topic into pu^
35f7512e ("Merge branch 'fg/completion-external' into pu",
2018-04-11), and that version of Git does not exhibit the problem.

I do not yet know which one of the ~30 individual commmits is the
real culprit, but in the meantime, I'll revert the merge out of
'master' and push the result out, so that real Git-using projects
won't get silent mismerges.  Those who run in-house version of Git
that is based on anything newer than the released version may want
to do the same.

Sorry for the crappy 'master' X-<.