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Re: [PATCH] Fix condition for redirecting stderr

On 09.04.2018 04:23, Todd Zullinger wrote:
> Lucas Werkmeister wrote:
>> Since the --log-destination option was added in 0c591cacb ("daemon: add
>> --log-destination=(stderr|syslog|none)", 2018-02-04) with the explicit
>> goal of allowing logging to stderr when running in inetd mode, we should
>> not always redirect stderr to /dev/null in inetd mode, but rather only
>> when stderr is not being used for logging.
> Perhaps 's/^F/daemon: f/' on the subject?  (Junio may well
> already have done so while queueing locally.)

Indeed, sorry! Looks like Junio fixed it on his end (going by the
“what’s cooking” email), so I won’t reroll. (But I can at least set up a
local commit-msg hook to make sure I don’t forget the subject area again.)