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Want to start contributing to git through this task: "Use dir-iterator to avoid explicit recursiv

Hello all,
I am a Git user since last 2 years and now I want to contribute
towards its development.
Yesterday, I had a discussion with Kevin on the IRC channel
#git-devel, where I got this link:-
Out of the tasks listed down in above URL, I found this one interesting:-
"Use dir-iterator to avoid explicit recursive directory traversal"
Some places in git use raw API opendir/readdir/closedir to traverse a
directory recursively, which usually involves function recursion. Now
that we have struct dir_iterator (see dir-iterator.h), convert these
to use the dir-iterator to simplify the code. Do only one conversion
per microproject.

I cloned the git repo and browsed through it. I found that in git
clone (buildtin/clone.c), raw directory API readdir() is used
So there is a place to change it to use the already available
"dir_iterator" structure.

I just want to know, if anybody is working on this task already.
If not, then I can proceed to work.

Thank you and Regards,