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Re: [PATCH] t/helper: 'test-chmtime (--get|-g)' to print only the mtime

Paul-Sebastian Ungureanu <ungureanupaulsebastian@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> -	find .git/rr-cache/ -type f | xargs test-chmtime -172800 &&
> +	test-chmtime -172800 $(find .git/rr-cache/ -type f) &&

You've sneaked this kind of rewrite in, as if you are testing to see
how careful the reviewers are ;-).

We often use "find piped to xargs" pattern to avoid unbounded number
of paths from appearing on a command line, busting platform limits.
In the case of these test scripts, it does not matter very much, but
such a "we can save a process and a pipe this way" optimization is
not within the scope of "chmtime +v often is piped to sed only to
strip path---let's give it a way to just grab the timestamp" topic.
Not a very welcome change.

Having said that, I do not want this to be rerolled if this
unrelated "removal of find-piped-to-xargs pattern" is the only
niggle in the patch, as I've already checked if these conversions
are safe (they are---we are not dealing with hundreds of stuff in
.git/objects/ or .git/rr-cache/).  There were conflicts caused by
this patch and nd/combined-test-helper (which makes the test-chmtime
standalone binary as a subcommand of test-tool); I think I resolved
them correctly, but please double check when I update the public
repositories in several hours.