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Re: Git send-email not sending email patches as subsequent replies

David Davis <davidjamesdavis.djd@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I'm seeing 6 individual emails, how do I just see one email followed by 5
> email replies to the one? I don't want six individual emails.

The five email replies you want are still individual emails.
Emails are ALWAYS "individual", and reply emails simply have a
References: and/or In-Reply-To: header in them.

Whether your mail client shows them as individual mails is
another story.  I also suspect whatever mail client you're using
isn't rendering thread hierarchies correctly.

Most good mail clients use the same algorithm to display message
threads since the days of Netscape:


I've also modified that algorithm to be recursion-free for public-inbox:


Btw, please disable HTML mail in your mail client or it won't
show up on the list (and other people won't be able to help).
I may not be around much for a bit.