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Re: [RFC PATCH 4/7] dir: Directories should be checked for matching pathspecs too

On Thu, Apr 5, 2018 at 11:58 AM, Jeff King <peff@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

> It sounds like correct_untracked_entries() is doing the wrong thing, and
> it should be aware of the pathspec-matching when culling entries. In
> other words, my understanding was that read_directory() does not
> necessarily promise to cull fully (which is what led to cf424f5fd in the
> first place), and callers are forced to apply their own pathspecs.
> The distinction is academic for this particular bug, but it makes me
> wonder if there are other cases where "clean" needs to be more careful
> with what comes out of dir.c.

Interesting, I read things very differently.  Looking back at commit
6b1db43109ab ("clean: teach clean -d to preserve ignored paths",
2017-05-23), which introduced correct_untracked_entries(), I thought
that correct_untracked_entries() wasn't there to correct pathspec
issues with fill_directory(), but instead to special case the handling
of files which are both untracked and ignored.  Did I mis-read or were
there other commits that changed the semantics?

Also, it would just seem odd to me that fill_directory() requires
pathspecs, and it uses those pathspecs, but it doesn't guarantee that
the files it returns matches them.  That seems like an API ripe for
mis-use, especially since I don't see any comment in the code about
such an assumption.  Is that really the expectation?