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Re: Timing issue in t5570 "daemon log records all attributes"

On 03.04.2018 16:32, Jeff King wrote:
> I'm tempted to say we should just scrap this test. It was added
> relatively recently and only shows the fix for a pretty minor bug.
> It's probably not worth the contortions to make it race-proof.

Thanks for your reply Jeff.

It appears race condition in reading/writing daemon.log is not the only issue of
t5570. On a different machine I've just randomly got:

t5570-git-daemon.sh[163]: can't create git_daemon_output: Interrupted system call

which I believe might also be associated with concurrent processing of piped
data connected with a fact that test restarts daemon few times. I can barely
wrap my head around it but I guess it's somewhat around "shell still tries to
read fifo while attempt to create new one is made".