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Re: commit -> public-inbox link helper

On Wed, Apr 04, 2018 at 06:35:59PM +0200, Johannes Schindelin wrote:

> Hi team,
> I found myself in dear need to quickly look up mails in the public-inbox
> mail archive corresponding to any given commit in git.git. Some time ago,
> I wrote a shell script to help me with that, and I found myself using it a
> couple of times, so I think it might be useful for others, too.
> This script (I call it lookup-commit.sh) needs to be dropped into a *bare*
> clone of http://public-inbox.org/git, and called with its absolute or
> relative path from a git.git worktree, e.g.
> 	~/public-inbox-git.git/lookup-commit.sh \
> 		fea16b47b603e7e4fa7fca198bd49229c0e5da3d
> This will take a while initially, or when the `master` branch of the
> public-inbox mirror was updated, as it will generate two files with
> plain-text mappings.

Junio publishes a git-notes ref with the mapping you want. So you can

  git fetch git://github.com/gitster/git.git refs/notes/amlog:refs/notes/amlog
  mid=$(git notes --ref amlog show $commit | perl -lne '/<(.*)>/ and print $1')
  echo "https://public-inbox.org/git/$mid";

without having to download the gigantic list archive repo at all (though
I do keep my own copy of the archive and index it with mairix, so I can
use "mairix -t m:$mid" and then view the whole thing locally in mutt).