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commit -> public-inbox link helper

Hi team,

I found myself in dear need to quickly look up mails in the public-inbox
mail archive corresponding to any given commit in git.git. Some time ago,
I wrote a shell script to help me with that, and I found myself using it a
couple of times, so I think it might be useful for others, too.

This script (I call it lookup-commit.sh) needs to be dropped into a *bare*
clone of http://public-inbox.org/git, and called with its absolute or
relative path from a git.git worktree, e.g.

	~/public-inbox-git.git/lookup-commit.sh \

This will take a while initially, or when the `master` branch of the
public-inbox mirror was updated, as it will generate two files with
plain-text mappings.

In its default mode, it will print the Message-ID of the mail (if found).

With --open, it opens the mail in a browser (macOS support is missing,
mainly because I cannot test: just add an `open` alternative to

With --reply, it puts the mail into the `from-public-inbox` folder of a
maildir-formatted ~/Mail/, so it is pretty specific to my setup here.

Note: the way mails are matched is by timestamp. In practice, this works
amazingly often (although not always, I reported findings short after
GitMerge 2017). My plan was to work on this when/as needed.

Note also: the script is very much in a 'works-for-me' state, and I could
imagine that others might want to modify it to their needs. I would be
delighted if somebody would take custody of it (as in: start a repository
on GitHub, adding a README.md, adding a config setting to point to the
location of the public-inbox mirror without having to copy the script,
adding an option to install an alias to run the script, etc).

And now, without further ado, here it is, the script, in its current glory:

-- snipsnap --

# This is a very simple helper to assist with finding the mail (if any)
# corresponding to a given commit in git.git.

die () {
	echo "$*" >&2
	exit 1

while case "$1" in
--open) mode=open;;
--reply) mode=reply;;
-*) die "Unknown option: $1";;
*) break;;
esac; do shift; done

test $# = 1 ||
die "Usage: $0 ( [--open] | [--reply] ) <commit>"

test reply != $mode ||
test -d "$HOME/Mail" ||
die "Need $HOME/Mail to reply"

tae="$(git show -s --format='%at %an <%ae>' "$1")" ||
die "Could not get Timestamp/Author/Email triplet from $1"

# We try to match the timestamp first; the author name and author email are
# not as reliable: they might have been overridden via a "From:" line in the
# mail's body
timestamp=${tae%% *}

cd "$(dirname "$0")" ||
die "Could not cd to the public-inbox directory"

git rev-parse --quiet --verify \
	b60d038730d2c2bb8ab2b48c117db917ad529cf7 >/dev/null 2>&1 ||
die "Not a public-inbox directory: $(pwd)"

head="$(git rev-parse --verify master)" ||
die "Could not determine tip of master"

test ! -f map.latest-rev ||
prevhead="$(cat map.latest-rev)"

if test $head != "$prevhead"
	echo "Inserting records for $range" >&2
	git log --format="%at %h %an <%ae>" $range >map.txt.add ||
	die "Could not enumerate $range"

	cat map.txt map.txt.add 2>/dev/null | sort -n >map.txt.new &&
	mv -f map.txt.new map.txt ||
	die "Could not insert new records"

	echo $head >map.latest-rev

lines="$(grep "^$timestamp " <map.txt)"
if test 1 != $(echo "$lines" | wc -l)
	test -n "$lines" ||
	die "No records found for timestamp $timestamp"

	echo "Multiple records found:"

	for h in $(echo "$lines" | cut -d ' ' -f 2)
		git show -s --format="%nOn %ad, %an <%ae> sent" $h
		git show $h |
		sed -n -e 's/^+Message-Id: <\(.*\)>/\1/ip' \
			-e 's/^+Subject: //ip'

	exit 1

# We found exactly one record: print the message ID
h=${lines#$timestamp }
h=${h%% *}
messageid="$(git show $h | sed -n 's/^+Message-Id: <\(.*\)>/\1/ip')" ||
die "Could not determine Message-Id from $h"

case $mode in
print) echo $messageid;;
	case "$(uname -s)" in
	Linux) xdg-open "$url";;
	MINGW*|MSYS*) start "$url";;
	*) die "Need to learn how to open URLs on $(uname -s)";;
	mkdir -p "$HOME/Mail/from-public-inbox/new" &&
	mkdir -p "$HOME/Mail/from-public-inbox/cur" &&
	mkdir -p "$HOME/Mail/from-public-inbox/tmp" ||
	die "Could not set up mail folder 'from-public-inbox'"

	path=$(git diff --name-only $h^!) &&
	mail="$(printf "%s_%09d.%s:2," $(date +%s.%N) $$ $(hostname -f))"
	git show $h:$path >"$HOME/Mail/from-public-inbox/new/$mail" ||
	die "Could not write mail"
	die "Unhandled mode: $mode"