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submodule.<name>.ignore vs git add -u


Let's say I have a fairly simple submodule setup where I do 'git
checkout' inside the submodule to check out a different commit, so the
outer repo 'git diff' shows a submodule update.

In that case

        git config submodule.<name>.ignore all

makes 'git diff' or 'git commit -a' ignore the change in the outer repo,
but not 'git add -u'.

Reading the git-config documentation if this is intentional behavior,
I'm a bit confused. It specifies that:

- "git status" and the diff family: handle this setting
- git submodule commands: ignore this setting

So that about 'git add -u', is it expected that it ignores this setting
as well?

I guess either the doc should say 'git add -u' doesn't handle this
setting or 'git add -u' should handle it. Happy to try to make a patch
that does the later, but I though better ask first. :-)



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