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Re: [PATCH v1.1 1/2] t9400-git-cvsserver-server: don't rely on the output of 'test_cmp'

On Fri, Mar 9, 2018 at 12:44 AM, Junio C Hamano <gitster@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> SZEDER Gábor <szeder.dev@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

>>> This makes "rm -f failures &&" unnecessary, no?
>> Indeed, it does.
> OK, no need to resend, as I'll amend it locally before queuing
> (unless there is something else that needs updating, that is).


That 'rm' was unnecessary to begin with, because none of the previous
tests wrote and left behind a file 'failures', ever.  Though one could
argue that the original author was careful and added that 'rm failures'
as a protection against future changes to previous tests...  Dunno, we
are talking about a test that checked the stderr of 'test_cmp', so
anything is possible :)